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“whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” — j.w. goethe

gumballs! gumballs!

I am loving my newest creations: gumball machine barrettes. There's something so cheerful & playful & sweet about a classic gumball machine. To see the current listings, visit sprinklybaby.etsy.com . Thanks for all the love!


gumballs & flowers!! and today's special!

The gumball clip is my new favorite barrette (I know, I know...I always have new favorites!!). It's super playful & cheerful. I added a couple new flower clips as well! I'm running a fun little special today: buy any 2 barrettes on sprinklybaby.etsy.com & receive a pumpkin or apple barrette free!! Fun! Fun! Fun! Look how cute Adelie is with the green apple clip! So sweet!


my new favorite!

I am in love with this tooth fairy pillow. So sweet. So whimsical. Perfect for the tooth fairy....or a lucky penny...or a special note...

This is a darling little treasure! To see the listing, click here.


tooth-fairy pillows!

I am excited to start making tooth-fairy pillows!! I love the whimsy & charm that surrounds the 'tooth-fairy' and I am very excited to make these!! I've been wanting to add products to my shop other than barrettes...and these seem like the perfect fit! I am in the process of making a 'rainbow' pillow...and plan on making some other styles soon! Enjoy the pictures of the first pillow! See the listing here

new listings!

Here are a couple of my favorite new listings!!! See my shop for more listed today! Have a wonderful day!


college football! the most wonderful time of the year!!!

I love, love, love college football!!! I've always been a huge Badger football fan. Adelie is torn between being a Buckeye fan like her dad (see here) or a Badger fan like her mommy (see here). So far, she seems to be happy cheering on both!! We sure had fun watching the Badgers beat the Buckeyes last season though! Best football game ever.

I am so excited for this college football season. In anticipation for football season, I added a listing to my shop for custom football barrettes. I made a clip this morning for an Auburn fan. So fun!

I'm happy to make football barrettes for any football fan. If you're a BUCKY BADGER fan, you will receive 25% off of your custom football barrette order (enter BUCKY25 at checkout for the discount!). Yay for college football season!!!


a jump start on autumn.

I love autumn but am in no hurry to be done with summer. The girls & I will be making the most of these final weeks of summer!! But...I have started to get requests for 'fall' barrettes, so I'm starting some autumn-inspired clips. So far, I've made a pumpkin, hot apple cider (so sweet!!), autumn leaves, and even an owl! You can see the apple cider barrette & the fall leaves barrette listed in my shop for sale. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with the 'leaves' style. I think it'll be fun to play with different color combos (although, I do love the orange-turquoise-yellow combo!). 

College football, hot cocoa & crisp autumn nights are right around the corner!! (And, yes, I plan on doing a football barrette & hot cocoa barrette as well...of course!!).


"the world's most irresistible ice cream!" - - it's true!!

Today's new barrettes were inspired by one of my true loves: Graeter's ice cream! Graeter's claims to be the "world's most irresistible ice cream. It's true! It's true! I am in love. This stuff is amazing. So delicious!! I love that they make their ice cream the old-fashioned way. And I love their yummy, yummy flavors. 

I first fell in love with Graeter's on a vacation to Ohio (visiting Nate's family). Graeter's is a Cartwright family favorite (of course!). A year later, Nate came home with a pint of Graeter's ice cream he found here in MN at the grocery store!! I was so excited. I'm telling you, it's amazing. Since that night, we have bought so many pints of Graeter's (easily more than anyone else in MN!). It's so great they sell outside of Ohio. We are lucky, lucky to have Graeter's available here! Their website is great too - you can find where Graeter's is available to you. 

I even had a pint of strawberry-chip Graeter's at the hospital after Kennedi was born (thanks to my wonderful husband!). My personal favorite has been strawberry-chip (a perfect summertime ice-cream: sweet strawberries with chocolate). Sadly it was a limited edition (I'm sure I ate 90% of the pints distributed to MN!). So, my favorite now is black raspberry chip. Unreal! So yummy!

So, today's barrettes are a black raspberry ice cream cone & a strawberry ice cream cone!!

lemon love!

In honor of my lemon tree (which is still beautiful & healthy!!), here's a lemon barrette!! If you don't know about my lemon tree, you can read more here. I love it. It's such a sweet little tree. There are three lemons growing on it right now, with a budding flower ready to bloom! Love it!

sunny day!

It's a beautiful day! The girls and I are headed to Wisconsin tomorrow morning to visit my grandparents. Super excited. I sure love them. It's sweet to see them with my girls. We're enjoying the day outside as much as possible today. Beautiful, sunny, summer day!


the story behind taffy!

Today's newest shop addition: taffy! taffy!

This picture is from Pelican Rapids, MN. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from our trips to Pelican Lake. I love water-skiing! It makes me so happy! I remember learning to ski as a little girl. Sometimes I just wanted so badly to give up! But my parents would bribe us to keep trying...the bribe: candy or icecream from the corner shop. My candy of choice: taffy!! I remember the little brown baggies I'd fill up with taffy. So, today's barrettes: bright pink taffy! Taffy still makes me smile, thinking back to those childhood summer days.

cupcakes & giveaways!

It's an exciting day! Cupcakes & giveaways!!

I'm offering my first special on sprinklybaby: BUY ONE! GET ONE! Simply 'like' my sprinklybaby facebook page & place an order on sprinklybaby.etsy.com. When you place an order, include in the notes what additional barrette you'd like & I'll make it to order for you!!

If you don't have facebook, you can follow this blog by email instead (just sign up on the left side of this blog page).

There are a lot of really cute barrettes listed right now, so if you've been waiting to order one for the little girl in your life, now's the time!! Here are two new clips that I listed this morning. I love cupcakes!! I'm really loving the latest clips. So sweet & girly!!
As always, thanks for all the love & support! I'm so grateful for my wonderful friends & family. I am a lucky, lucky girl to be blessed with such amazing people in my life.


sweet sprinkles!

I am really excited about the new clips I added to my shop this morning. They are darling. I love how cheerful & sweet they are. Here are a few pictures of the latest additions.


darling Liberty of London fabric

I am in LOVE with my new Liberty of London fabric. I ordered three floral prints from a lady in the UK a few weeks ago - and finally played with one of the prints tonight. I love it. The barrettes turned out great. It's a darling print - so charming & feminine. Adelie looked pretty cute in her new hair clip! I will surely be buying more Liberty of London fabric. I love the delicate colors and charming prints.

Here's a link to the clips in my shop!

I heart summer.