peaches & pears

I really love creating pairs of barrettes. Today's creation: peaches & pears! I just shipped out another peas & carrots combo this morning and I was in the mood to try something new. I love the peach/pear combo. So sweet & girly! I also added another pair of clips: strawberry & rainbow (a good girly match!).


budding rose barrettes

Rose buds! Rose buds! Rose buds! These are darling. So sweet & feminine. My favorites are the bright pink flowers (the one in the above photograph & the pink flower on periwinkle). Adelie lucked out with 2 new barrettes this morning (she always ends up with the first one I make, just because it's usually a trial run). I had to make her a periwinkle one too - it's just too sweet. I really love how colorful & sweet these are. 

Another bit of sprinklybaby excitement: I ordered some really fun stuff last night to make....headbands!!!!! So excited to offer another accessory in the shop. I also ordered some super, super cute embellishments for some holiday-themed accessories...I'll wait to tell you about those though...you'll have to wait & see what I make with them. I'll keep checking the mailbox...as soon as they're here I will be stitching away....I can't wait!


custom tooth-fairy pillows!

I'm looking forward to creating more tooth-fairy pillows. They were a hit at the art show!! This little treasure (pictured above) is a custom pillow I made today for a little boy (Lucas) who is a big Cubs fan! His grandma ordered it for him at the art show & she requested Cubs colors & Lucas' name stitched on. So sweet. It's always so fun for me to customize these pillows with something special for the child. I hope he loves it! The baseball is the 'pocket' on this pillow where all the tooth-fairy 'magic' happens!


I added a listing to my shop today for your little birthday girl: custom birthday party favors! The listing is for 8 darling hand-stitched barrettes (custom ordered!) - You choose 8!! They will be made-to-order and individually wrapped. This is a darling party favor - sure to delight the girls!


first art fair....a success!

I had a wonderful time at the art fair yesterday! It was such a fun experience! I will definitely be participating in more shows next year - so exciting. I loved seeing all my barrettes laid out on display - so colorful & cheerful! Also - the tooth fairy pillows were a hit! I will need to stock up on those for my next show - people really loved them. Overall, the day was wonderful - the only glitch of the day was that Nate lost the balloons I had bought for the show. I bought a huge bunch of colorful balloons (to be used as my 'backdrop') but Nate lost them as he was loading up the girls in the stroller to come visit me. So sad. They are stuck in a tree somewhere in waconia! They were really cute...Oh well. I had a great time. I'm so happy I participated. Now it's time to figure out what the next adventure will be!


hot air balloons, whales, apple trees....what could be sweeter?

It's been an exciting week for sprinklybaby! As I prepare for my first art show (tomorrow!), I've been trying out some new styles for barrettes: a sailboat, whales, apple trees, a hot air balloon (this one is for my darling nephew, mr.finn...well, it's not really 'for' him, but I was thinking of him while making it...he loves hot air balloons! so cute, right?!). 

I am really loving all the new styles. It's so fun for me to try new things. I am thrilled to be getting ready for the art show tomorrow. It's really fun to see all my work laid out - so colorful!! I'll snap some photos later on....lots to do right now!! Thanks for all the support! I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Speaking of wonderful, this sprinklybaby job has really added so much cheer to my life!!


rainbow hearts

I added some new clips to my shop...rainbow hearts! I am loving these clips. They are darling. So colorful & sweet & classic!! I am super busy getting ready for the art show this weekend. So excited for it...not sure what to expect, but hoping for the best.


sprinklybaby giveaway!!!!

It's an exciting time for sprinklybaby...time for a giveaway!!!!! I'm doing a product review & giveaway with IzzyB!! One lucky winner gets 4 custom-made sprinklybaby barrettes!!! Super fun! To read the product review & participate in the giveaway, click here! As always, thank you for all the love & support. It means so much to me.


a little something extra...

I find so many reasons to smile about my sprinklybaby shop. I love the cheerful colors & bright palette I use. I love that the playful designs are mine & I can be creative with them. I love when something new turns out just as I imagined. My favorite: I love watching Adelie (my oldest daughter) as she sits next to me and plays with my scraps of colorful felt & thread....on her own barrette "creations"!

One of the happiest parts of running my sprinklybaby shop is when I get orders that people are placing for their nieces. So fun! I think my barrettes are such sweet little gifts to send to a niece - or a special little girl - and so thoughtful. "Just-because" gifts are always so precious. They make me smile! 

The order I made today was for 2 custom-football-clips (she wanted purple backgrounds on both). She said I could use orange in the barrettes since the little girl's older brother's football team's color is orange (so cute, right?! a little sister cheering on her big brother...love it!). So....to be nice (and since my daughters were still napping!), I made an extra little orange heart barrette for her. I think it turned out really cute. I hope she likes the surprise. It feels good to surprise someone I don't even know with a little something extra-special. To purchase your own custom football clip, click here (there are a few listings). I'm happy to do any color combination you'd like! Have a wonderful, cheerful weekend!!